Поток КМ-122.jpgRouting Switch "Potok-KM-122" with the functions of static routing is designed to create special (including protected) LAN at the level of government organization units of the Russian Federation (access level). The product "Potok-KM-122" has been developed taking into account the special requirements and is designed for the processing of information, containing information constituting a state secret.


 Product specifications of "Potok-KM-122"


·         Twelve operating gigabit ports to connect SFP-modules, supports both copper (10/100/1000Mbps) and optical (100/1000 Mbps) SFP-modules;

·         Two dedicated control ports. Product control over the working ports is impossible;

·         Two expansion (stacking) ports allow to combine a high-speed interface products;

·         Switching and routing of network packets is implemented at hardware level and is completely isolated from the control system;

·         Switching / routing matrix can handle packets from all ports at speeds of 1Gbps.


"Potok-KM-122" supports:


·         Static routing with route backup;

·         Arranging up to 1024 VLANs;

·         Combining several ports in one virtual high-speed port (aggregation);

·         Operation with multimedia traffic (video conferencing, telephony) using a prioritization mechanism;

·         User authentication to work with different access rights;

·         Logging of operator / administrator.