MSG-1.pngMSG-1 IP-telephony gateway is designed to provide telephony features at the intersection of data networks with IP packet switching and EDSS1 circuit switching. For this purpose, MSG-1 performs signal information processing from the circuit switching networks and its transfer over IP-network (VoIP technology), as well as flow control for voice transfer and data in multiservice networks.


Technical specifications of MSG-1

Physical specifications

Dimensions (width x depth x height)

Designed as a separate card for PABX.

Can be used in 1U 19" form factor

Weight, kg


Type of installation, structural features

Designed as a separate card for PABX.

Can be used in 1U 19" form factor

Power parameters

Power source – 48VDC

Status indicators

Status of channel activity and occupancy


Total restart of device


CPU and Memory specifications


AMD Аи 1550 (MIPS32)



Interface ports

Network interfaces

2 xRJ-4510/100 Mbps BASE-T

Voice interfaces

1 х Е1

Other interfaces

Console control ports (RS-232)

Network features

Functional capabilities

Data transfer

IP Transport IETF RFC 3550 RTP/RTCP Transport, TCP, UDP

Voice transfer

Voice Codecs: G.711, G.729A / B, G.726.

Echo cancellation: G.168.

Fax support: over G.711.

DTMF Packet side or PSTN side detection and generation of signal, according to RFC 2833. Improved quality: VAD, CNG, G.729B


SIP (RFC3261), EDSS1 (ITU-T Q 931, Q.921)