Today the use of IP-telephony is a good practice and every successful company uses its advantages. For example, in areas such as the organization of a conference call during business negotiations. Calls via Internet Protocol provide the opportunity not only to hear the other party, but to see it. Hence, the involvement of business partners and contracting can be done without leaving the office.

 The advantages of the introduction of IP-telephony are:

 - Mobility of phone equipment within a corporate network, which is particularly important, for example, when changing the location of the workplace or the entire office;

 - The possibility of the integration of voice communications and business applications (voice mail, interactive voice menu systems, call-centers, control applications, etc.);

 - Unified network management and services by an administrator;

 - Improvement of staff productivity;

 - Reduction of the cost of long distance and international calls (cost of a connection does not depend on the distance between users);

 - The possibility to integrate data and voice transmission for employees by one provider, which reduces the overall cost of services without making additional investments in telecommunications infrastructure;

 - Provision of a whole range of new services through the integration of telephony and data transfer services;

 Specialists of Group of Companies "INFORMTEKHNIKA" provide not only the implementation of these solutions on the basis of IP-telephony, but high-quality and timely maintenance and assistance in resolving problem situations.