шлюз MSG-4.pngDescription and opportunities

 Operating in NGN networks and providing users with modern information and communication services "MiniCom DX-500" system can be equipped with IP-gateway "MiniCom MSG-4". IP-gateway "MiniCom MSG-4" is intended for use as a converter of speech and signaling between E1 interface (PABX) and IP-telephony equipment and organization of multi-service networks based on digital PBX of high capacity, ensuring the integration of the public telephone network, Internet with high-speed multiservice network of subscriber access.


"MiniCom MSG-4" can operate as a part of PABX "MiniCom DX-500", and as a separate device.


IP-gateway is available in versions for one, two and four E1 flows.


Main features of the gateway:


·         Transfer of voice and fax traffic over networks, based on the popular IP-protocol (Internet Protocol);

·         Support for EDSS-1 and SIP2.0 protocols;

·         High performance, based on the use of DSP (digital signal processors);

·         Support for voice compression G.711 a-law, G.711u-law, G.729 AB protocols; allows to send a voice channel at a rate of 8 kbps;

·         Silence suppression;

·         Superior management of plans for internal numbering and IP-addresses mapping to the plan;

·         Support for DTMF;

·         Dedicated phone line (through connection);

·         Support for outgoing call groups;

·         Support for DNS;

·         Provides echo compensation in accordance with the recommendation of G.168;

·         Call Routing with Caller ID, identification, call forwarding, call waiting function, Hotline function;

·         User-friendly control interface via RS-232 and Ethernet ports;

·         Traffic filtering and protection against network attacks.


Scope of application of "MiniCom MSG-4":


·         Integration of telephone networks based on PABX "MiniCom DX-500";

·         "Forwarding" of telephone lines and numbers between geographically separated telephone networks;

·         Virtual telephone network of all units with a single numbering plan;

·         Reduction of costs of telephone calls;

·         Interconnection of branches in Russia and abroad;

·         Access to a telephone system of your company from anywhere in the world.


Specification of MSG-4


Network interface

10/100 Base T (Fast Ethernet)

Type of connector


Number of channels

4 E1


Indicators of install of EDSS level 1, 2 and 3, synchronization errors


Key features of IP-based voice transmission

Independent codecs for each channel.

Echo compensation in accordance with the G.165 - G.168 specifications.

Silence suppression and comfort noise generation.

Adaptive jitter buffer that compensates network jitter and minimizing network latency.

Lost packet concealment system.

Setting of the number of voice channels, depending on the bandwidth of network

Supported codecs

G.711a-law, G.711u-law, G.729AB

Fax over IP

Sending a fax over G.711

Signaling and protocols

Supported telephony signaling protocols

EDSS1, Q.921, Q.931, DTMF

VoIP protocols

SIP 2.0, RTR in band DTMF

Call management


Routing over private plans, numerations, over IP-addresses, URL, URI, domain names, SIP-names.

Electronic number mapping.

Own voice processing parameters for each direction

Service and maintenance


telnet, ssh, Web


LEDs, telnet, ssh, Web, event log

Alarming message

LEDs, syslog

Software update



At the start, on request