Today, in a variety of industries and departments managers, operational duty officers have direct communication boards, most simply and accurately addressing issues of business management.

 Company "Informtekhnika" offers its customers the most modern incarnation of the ideology of the operative communication board developed on the basis of the telecommunication system "MiniCom DX-500", combining principles of operative communication traditional for dispatchers with the most modern computer and telecommunications technologies.


 The developers of "Informtekhnika" using the rich experience of various departments, created a new type of digital subscriber devices for "MiniCom DX-500" platform - computerized controller workstation (CCWS), which has a unique set of characteristics:

 Board is always free for incoming calls;

·         Operator sees all incoming calls on the screen and determines which call to serve first;

·       Call of a subscriber by pressing a name key, the capability to create up to 660 subscriber name keys with their placement on quick access tabs;

·         Indication of subscriber status and all activated functions of the board;

·         Call of directive conference groups (up to 20 groups of 25 subscribers per group));

·         Callback function;

·   Maintaining multiple independent conversations, switching between them, and, if necessary, their unionizing;

·         Creation of any number of transit connections;

·         Intrusion in conversation of lower priority subscribers.

Экранная форма1.jpg

 Main screen form of controller workplace

 Computerized workstation fully meets the high standards of quality for control services of corporate customers, providing a guaranteed provision of specified services, including through the provision of hot redundancy of the system key elements.

 Alerts on system status



 Structurally, a computerized controller workstation is a personal computer as "all-in-one" PC, to which one or more additional acoustic devices (microphone, speakers) or a control device (handset, call control pedal) can be connected. Call control functions and organization of special types of communication are implemented with a unique controller workstation software that allows to put all communication control on the screen.

In normal operation, a computer of CCWS by site-data network is connected to the host server or ("board server"), which provides their pairing with PABX. The server is designed for mounting in a standard 19'' PABX telecommunication rack. Pairing of the server with PABX is performed via E1 interface. A single server can support up to 60 controller workstations (30 workstations per one E1 flow).


Number of controller workstations in a single system for 512 subscribers is up to 60;

·         Number of programmable keys of direct communications: from 8 to 60 1,024,660

 System interface:

 Two-channel digital interface UpG / E for connecting digital teleset

·         Ethernet for pairing of OWS-CCWS with a hub server.

 Dimensions of user terminal

 515x400x60 mm

 Weight of user terminal

  9.5 kg

·         21.5" screen (Full HD)


 Flexibility of the proposed solution is provided by a variety of connectivity options of CCWS to PABX.

 Using CCWS as exclusive connection option to PABX when call and voice control is processed by the system unit of controller workstation.


 Computerized workstation allows fast and easy access to the capabilities of the telecommunications system "MiniCom DX-500". Functional software graphical user interface of controller workstation provides this capability. The interactive display optimized for use of touch-screen technology shows "tips" required by a controller in current conversation (context menu), allowing without using a keyboard and mouse to use the full range of service functions of the board.

 By dedicated indicator and lighting of information elements of a GUI the activated functions of the board and status of specific subscribers and ongoing conversations with them can be instantly determined.

 Application is adapted to all-in-one PC, using large-format (Full HD) touchscreen. Access to a number of frequently used functions is controlled by programmable buttons on a USB-phone.

 Beautiful modern interface

 Several themes of graphical interface allow to choose a combination of colors convenient for everyday use.



 Allows to duplicate or completely abandon the traditional digital user terminal on a controller workstation. Provides high-quality of speech and quick access to main functions. The device is equipped with a speakerphone and a handset for different modes of operation on CCWS.

 Telephone headset

 Replaces the handset, providing a dispatcher a lot of freedom during phone conversation. This is particularly important in the control centers of production management, emergency services, for specialists in telemarketing, commercial services, etc.

 Additional microphone

 Replaces the microphone built into the board, and helps to make optimal the use of a speakerphone, even in a room with poor acoustics. It provides a lot of freedom during a telephone conversation. The microphone can be connected directly to CCWS to analog or digital audio inputs.

 Active speaker

 Replaces a built-in speaker in the board and provides the best sound quality for speakers. The speaker may be installed in any place or mounted on the wall. The volume level is performed using a controller, located in the bottom of the speaker and from the board.

 Pedal to control the state of the current call

 The device is traditionally used for the organization of special types of communication services and agencies (one-way conference, half duplex and simplex mode of negotiations organization). It is possible to remove the device from the headend via the analog two-wire line, or connect directly to CCWS via USB-interface.