In today's dynamic development of society, complexity of technical and social infrastructure, the information becomes such strategic resource as traditional material and energy resources. Modern information technology has become an important factor in the life of society and the means to improve the efficiency of the management of all fields of public life.


The company "Informtekhnika i Promsvyaz" is confident that in a competitive market, in particular, such as telecommunications, technical training should be seen as a strategic area. This confidence is based on the following trends that emerged in the Russian market:


1. Over the past few years, the telecommunication market has shown an exponential growth in sales, and well recognized brands face increasing competition from new suppliers of telecommunication equipment with lack of technical skills.


2. Continuously increasing complexity of modern information and communication systems requires more highly specialized technical personnel, compared with the requirements that have been applied to those experts in the past.


3. In connection with the penetration of advanced telecommunications systems in all areas of our lives, there is a growth in business depending on the reliability of technology; there are risks of losses due to its improper use, which can be avoided by entrusting its network to professional specialists.


Considering these trends, the company "Informtekhnika i Promsvyaz" develops its technical programs, the purpose of which is training and professional development of technicians.


"MiniCom" equipment has long been an integral part of departmental communications networks not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries and maintenance of this modern technology requires competent trained professionals. The new training program will fully reveal the capabilities of "MiniCom" telecommunication platform and DECT radio communication systems, as well as familiarize trainees with talk-back and command-and-retrieval communication systems, VoIP equipment, software and hardware applications of "MiniCom".


Thanks to a program of additional professional education trainees receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills to work with "MiniCom" equipment and unified communications solutions.


Training is conducted in a specially equipped classroom, giving trainees practical skills of operation, installation and maintenance of various types of "MiniCom" series equipment, knowledge about new technologies in the field of telecommunications. A high level of training in the Training Center is provided by the professionalism of teachers of the Training Center certified by GC "Informtekhnika".


The program of Continuing Professional Education "Installation, programming and operation of "MiniCom" series equipment includes the following courses:


The purpose and capabilities of "MiniCom DX-500" series equipment


 For the convenience of trainees the course is divided into several sections:


- The first section includes the study of software and hardware systems (SHS) of meetings communications equipment "MiniCom ASS-C", measurement of subscriber line parameters "MiniCom DX-SLTS", as well as the configuration program of PABX "MiniCom DX-500" - "DX -CMA-TO". As part of this section we consider the issues of purpose and construction of "MiniCom ASS-C", and for installation and configuration skills, practical exercises will be conducted. The materials on the purpose and functions of "MiniCom DX-500 SLTS" system and configuration program "DX-CMA-TO" (Configurator) will also be presented.


 - The second section is aimed at studying the structure, installation, configuration and operation of a service server "MiniCom DX-500-SU".


- The third section is devoted to the study of SHS "MiniCom DX-500 RMTS" (attendant position). During the training, our trainees become familiar with the architecture and gain skills of configuration and use of "MiniCom DX-500 RMTS" complex.


- The fourth section provides information on setting up configuration of monitoring and administration system (MAS) for PABX "MiniCom DX-500". The training will focus on construction and architecture, as well as practical exercises will be conducted to obtain skills to configure and use "MiniCom DX-500 SMA".


- The fifth section is aimed at study, setup and configuration of VoIP services for PABX "MiniCom DX-500". The purpose of this topic is study of the basic principles of networking of VoIP telephony and VoIP equipment setting of "MiniCom DX-500". We will consider such issues as connection methods, list of equipment, configuration, list and level of tasks, scope of application, operation schemes for stations network and proposed value added services.


Configuration of "MiniCom DX-500" series equipment


- User interface of operator terminal

- General notion of configuration data in the system

- Configuration of ports. Alarm types and port parameters.

- Parameters of port signaling.

- Additional port settings

- Static and dynamic transitions for ports

- Groups. The concept of port groups in the system.

- Service functions in the system

- Configuring the system in network

- Construction of branched systems on the basis of "MiniCom DX-500"


Assembly, initial installation and equipment operation


- The requirements for premises, equipment placement.

- Building a cross.

- Replacement of the software version in the system.

- Actions in case of replacing defective modules.

- Administration. Identification and localization of problems.


 "MiniCom" additional equipment


- Equipment of talk-back and command-and-retrieval communication systems.

- Overview of VoIP equipment.

- Overview of software and hardware applications of "MiniCom"


 The purpose and capabilities of "MiniCom DECT"


- Overview of DECT radio technology:

- Structure of the equipment. System configuration. Technical description of the system

- Overview of "MiniCom ASCOM DECT" solutions


A specialist trained under this program will receive such skills as:


• Installation of "MiniCom" series equipment;

• Maintenance of "MiniCom" series equipment;

• Technical control over the operation of "MiniCom" series equipment;

• Analysis of functionality indicators of "MiniCom" series equipment;

• Work with technical documentation at the existing stations and switching nodes, built on the basis of "MiniCom" series equipment.


Trainees receive a set of documents, in the course of training educational equipment is provided, laboratory practical classes are held.


Upon completion of training, professionals who have passed the qualifying examination are given Certificates for use of the indicated equipment, as well as they are awarded with government-issue certificates of a licensed training institution on further education on the subject.


To start training, please send a request by fax

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