GC "INFORMTEKHNIKA" is a Russian developer and manufacturer of advanced digital communications, expands the network of partners and offers your company to become an official partner of "Informtekhnika and Promsvyaz" in the field of promotion of equipment with the brand name "MiniCom" on the telecommunications markets in Russia and CIS countries.


We are interested in cooperation with dynamically developing companies aimed to expand their businesses and increase the level of Customer Service.


If your company:


·         Active in the market of telephony and telecommunications, has experience in sales of telecommunications equipment in its region and has a high reputation among customers;


·         Has a service center and technical staff;


·         Wants to expand the scope of its activities and to offer customers complete solutions in one of the most promising areas of the telecommunications market;




·         Ability to work with high-tech "MiniCom" equipment certified for compliance with Russian standards of public and state agencies.


·         Competitive prices and flexible system of discounts


·         Warranty and post-warranty support


·         Training for maintenance and installation of equipment


·         "Hotline" support, information and advice


·         Marketing support and joint marketing activities


Benefits of working with GC "Informtekhnika":



You get the opportunity to promote the most advanced integrated solutions from the Russian leader in the field of telecommunications. Solve substandard technical problems of customer using the great features of the Russian developer.



You get the lowest prices on "MiniCom" equipment. You extend the range of customers by offering them long-term cooperation in the implementation of advanced integrated solutions. You increase the turnover and profits of the company, not only through the sale of equipment, but also through the proposals in the field of service.



Your company is involved in marketing programs, seminars, conferences and exhibitions held by GC "Informtekhnika".


By becoming an official partner of GC "Informtekhnika", you get the opportunity to respond to the requests of your customers more fully.


If you want to become an official partner of the company, firstly you need to read and sign the "Partnership Agreement", which defines the rights and obligations of Manufacturer and Partner.


The main obligations of the Partner:


·         Ensure the implementation of the annual sales plan.

·         Train and certify at least two technicians.

·         Conduct marketing of the equipment, search for customers and all activities to sell "MiniCom" equipment in the region.

·         Provide customers with warranty and post-warranty service.

·         Provide the Manufacturer with periodic reports on the activities undertaken for the marketing and sale of equipment.


The main obligations of the Manufacturer:


·         Provide a discount on equipment to the Partner.

·         Inform and engage the Partner to participate in marketing activities to promote "MiniCom" equipment.

·         Provide training to the Partner’s staff on installation, administration and maintenance of "MiniCom" equipment.

·         Organize and participate in joint activities with Partner: exhibitions, presentations, etc.

·         Provide advertising and marketing materials to the Partner.

·         Ensure prompt warranty service of the Partner.


For the "Partnership Agreement" or more information on co-operation, please call +7 (495) 646-67-31 or fax +7 (495) 646-67-32.