Group of companies "INFORMTEKHNIKA" takes full advantage of the intellectual power of Russian developers. During the development of telecommunications equipment the world's best technologies based on computer-aided design, programming and in-circuit emulation are used.

 The manufactured products widely use structural elements and SMD components by the best world manufacturers such as Infineon, Intel, Analog Devices, National Semiconductor, etc. The company has been certified for compliance with the production quality of own equipment to the international standard ISO 9001.

 Each phase of a project is accompanied by careful monitoring for compliance with ETSI. For this purpose the company's production laboratories are equipped with the most modern equipment by Wandel & Goltermann, Wavetek, Tekronix and Hewlett Packard.

 The final stage of development is certification of telecommunications equipment, including for compliance with the specific requirements of various departments.

 The production of individual modules of GC "INFORMTEKHNIKA" is performed with help of its partners having the latest automated assembly lines, certified in ISO 9001.



Assembly of products and their complex adjustment, testing and configuration of systems is performed by own manufacturing units of the company. To do this, workshops are equipped with specially designed hardware and powerful software stands, all necessary devices and equipment.

 Such approach to the design and manufacturing of equipment allows our customers to have a high quality and reliable world-class telecommunications equipment, which modern consumer properties are relevant for years to come.