Наши клиенты

More than 6,000 "MiniCom" systems are successfully used in various Russian and foreign companies. There are just some of our clients:


Oil and Gas Industry


About 80% of networks of JSC "Svyaztransneft" are built on "MiniCom" series equipment.

GC "Informtekhnika" provides comprehensive technical support, consulting, installation and commissioning of equipment, assistance in commissioning of facilities to regulatory authorities, warranty and post-warranty service.


Modernization of communication networks of JSC "Gazprom" continues on the basis of the equipment of "Informtekhnika". Every year, systems worth over a million dollars are put into operation.


Energy Industry


A growing number of energy companies choose dispatcher switches and PABX with the brand name "MiniCom" in upgrading their communication networks. These systems meet the requirements of power engineers in full. The high quality equipment and service have allowed us to take a leading position in terms of the supply of digital exchanges for RAO UES. In the energy sector of the country we have found about 20% of all digital ports of RAO UES. Our cooperation in the energy sector of the CIS countries grows rapidly.


Rail transport


Today, the rhythmic movement of rail transport is impossible without reliable communications. On 10 of 17 Russian railways the operational and common technological communications are provided by "MiniCom" telecommunication systems. The advantage of specialized systems is already appreciated by railroads of Ukraine and Kazakhstan.


Telecom operators


Hundreds of subscriber radio systems "MiniCom-DECT" are successfully operated by traditional and alternative telecom operators in all regions of the Russian Federation. They have proven themselves with customers of near and far abroad. The company’s latest developments provide data transfer and allow "MiniCom-DECT" users to go out into the World Wide Web.


Various businesses


In addition to institutional and corporate clients GC "Informtekhnika" actively works with various educational institutions, chemical, woodworking, steel, mining and engineering industries. Among them: Volgograd Aluminium Plant, Novosibirsk Metallurgical Plant n.a. Kuzmin, Krasnoyarsk Mining and Chemical Plant, Tobolsk Petrochemical Plant, Woodworking Plant "UvaDrev" (Udmurtia), Baikal pulp and paper mill, several mines of Kuzbass and the Far East, Moscow Institute of Transport and many others.