Switch "MiniCom DX-500 RMK-E" (RMK-E) is based on PABX in a secure design of "MiniCom DX-500C".  RMK-E equipment is designed for the construction and modernization of telephone switches due to the immediate and customized service system. RMK-E switch has been successfully tested and used in communications networks of the Federal Protection Service, the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Defense. The switch includes 10-wire terminals, designed specifically for specific government communications networks. In the network the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation this switch successfully replaces the old equipment such as P-209I. The switch together with PABX provides the assurance function of process of establishing and terminating connections (channels), namely:


·         outgoing, incoming, transit and internal connections;

·         connections of active outgoing calls in both directions or subscribers;

·         registered and immediate service system;

·         connection to any PABX channel while it is in conjunction with another port;

·         putting subscriber (channel) on "hold";

·         mode management of encryption communication equipment (ECE) connected to 10-wire systems of PABX "MiniCom DX-500C";

·         control of the initial state of operator’s workstation (OWS) and established connection by visual assessment of the graphic information displayed on the monitor of OWS;

·         maintenance of an electronic log of received and established connections;

·         management and administration of the Ethernet network and workstation;

·         logging of operator’s actions in the OWS operation process;

·         settings of access control services, creation and maintenance of accounting identification records of security administrators, operators of OWS;

·         protection against unauthorized access to the resources of RMK-E.


Equipment of "MiniCom DX-500 RMK-E" includes:


·         up to 16 operator workstation (OWS) ensuring the establishment of connections;

·         security manager workstation (SM WS) designed for performing the functions of management and administration of the information protection system stored and circulated in RMK-E equipment;

·         Hub of digital subscriber lines of operators (MiniCom-KTSAL) designed for multiplexing and demultiplexing voice paths to / from PABX "MiniCom DX-500C" to / from OWS;

·         subscriber OWS device for converting Uk protocol into RS-232 and voice path;

·         dedicated server for storing databases of subscribers served by RMK-E, management and storage of system logs and operator action protocols;

·         printer for A4 paper size and network Ethernet-switch or hub (Switch / Hub).