PABX "MiniCom DX-500C" is designed for use in special networks of automated phone service for the processing and transfer of information constituting a state secret.


PABX "MiniCom DX-500C" is made for technical specifications, in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Security Service of Russia to protect the equipment and control system of institutional digital automatic telephone exchanges with C2 security level. With a wide range of hardware and software interfaces, PABX "MiniCom DX-500C" can work in both digital and analog environments and create large transit-terminal nodes of automatic switching with capacity of up to 4 thousand ports and 48 E1.


"MiniCom DX-500C" has design features:


·         protection against the effects of electromagnetic pulse;

·         at the request of the Customer, the station may be made in seismic-shock-proof design.




·         Special communication network of federal agencies and law enforcement agencies;

·         Departmental and corporate special communication networks.




·         Up to 96 ports and up to 4 E1 (at the request of the Customer, it is possible to implement 1E1-1 Ethernet 10/100 Mbit /)

·         Up to 256 ports and up to 4 E1

·         Up to 512 ports and up to 12 E1

·         Up to 28 E1


Expandable up to 4096 ports and 48 DTL.


Power supply:


-         AC voltage of 220 V, 50 Hz

-         DC voltage of 44-63 V

-         Rated power consumption is not more than 1.2 W / port


A method of signal processing is digital, 64 Kbps.


Line Types


-         Two-wire subscriber lines;

-         Four-wire subscriber lines;

-         Two-wire analog trunks;

-         Three-wire trunks;

-         Six-wire trunks;

-         Ten-wire trunks;

-         Four-wire trunks S1-FL-BI (1.2 and 2.4 Kbps)

-         PCM;

-         Fiber optic link.




-         Two-wire telephone units with pulse and tone dialing;

-         Four-wire telephone units with pulse and tone dialing;

-         Telephones units without dialer;

-         Secure Digital Boards M-572N;

-         Electronic manual toll switchboard "Minicom DX-500 PMK-E";

-         "Civic" system.




-         Conference up to 13 user groups;

-         Switching between calls;

-         Callback to busy subscriber;

-         Organization of the second call;

-         Notification of a second incoming call;

-         Transit.