Hardware-software notification system (HSNS) is a set of software and hardware means for generating and transmitting notifications, recording and fixation of the fact of notification alerts, maintenance of the lists of subscribers notified and alert scenarios. HSNS provides continuous work and can connect to PABX to alert subscribers included in it via physical two-wire or digital trunks (E1 streams). HSNS allows the installation in categorized areas, which circulate acoustic information classified above "confidential".


HSNS EKVM.465324.001 is used as notification process automation system to enhance the mobilization readiness of the units of a department, as well as communicating the necessary information to circular stationary and mobile users through voice and short text messages to subscriber access terminal equipment.


HSNS provides monitoring of the status of notification channels (idle / busy), and the software can adjust the number of channels involved in the notification depending on the goals.


This product implements automatic notification of subscribers in specified time on a pre-prepared list.


HSNS records the fact of notification of a set user with visual display of the process of notification and registration (logging) of its results with the possibility to print it.


HSNS provides:


·         Maintaining a database of subscribers (add, delete, edit, sort and search for information);

·         Maintaining lists (groups) for selective call (notification) of subscribers;

·         Setting the priority of notification of subscribers (call queue management of subscribers in notification list);

·         Recording notification messages and storing them in a database;

·         Recording notification messages through a standard microphone input of a sound card;

·         Recording, listening, creating a voice message;

·         Access Security;

·         Starting notification from provided phone number of an open telephone after dialing code combination (password);

·         Alert of each subscriber in turns on each available phone number (included in the notification list) to receipt of the (first) confirmation from it;

·         Cycle repeat of the notification message during the time (set by the operator), or to the receipt of confirmation of the notification;

·         Transmission of different messages to different groups of subscribers notified;

·         Generating and transmitting SMS to subscribers of GSM networks using a GSM-modem (GSM-modem is included in HSNS);

·         Generating and transmitting SDS-messages to subscribers of trunking networks of operational mobile radio network TETRA (subscriber terminal is supplied separately);

·         Suspension of task by the operator;

·         Presentation of the notification results and signaling on the end of the notofication in real time;

·         Generating and maintaining notification protocols;

·         Reporting on notifications for a specified period for a given group of users by message status (received, rejected, missed).