Secure digital communication board M-572 in the new visual performance of the body (M-572N) is designed for use with PABX "MiniCom DX-500C" as a subscriber unit to communicate, containing information constituting a state secret.


The board is subscriber unit of a specialized digital PABX "MiniCom DX-500C" with complete switching field, providing operative, sustainable and secretive management under heavy loads and various external impacts.


Connection of a board to secure station "MiniCom DX-500C" is carried out via multiplexer M-573, encrypting voice data with guaranteed stability in the area of multiplexer-board.


Multiplexer connection with the station is implemented via E1 (G.703) channel, formed by the fiber optic link. The multiplexer can be removed from the PABX to a distance of 500 meters. M-572N board is connected to the multiplexer via physical wire line (ISDN-interface Uko) and depending on the type of connection cable can be removed from it at a distance of 6 kilometers. M-573 equipment allows to connect up to 30 M-572N boards with four 16-key consoles.


Cables connecting M-572N boards, M-573 multiplexers and PABX "MiniCom DX-500C", must be placed in an area where there is only uncontrolled access of outsiders.


M-572N board includes:


·         encoder;

·         vocoder;

·         line matching device;

·         PSU.


M-572N board provides cryptographic protection of speech.


Additional service features provided to the subscriber of secure board:


·         Call of a subscriber by pressing a naming button ("one-touch" call);

·         Status display of subscriber units and trunks;

·         Display of instructions executed, state of the station, time and date;

·         Introduction of the conversations with the handset or speakerphone;

·         View a list of missed calls;

·         Putting a subscriber to "hold" sending it an acoustic signal, putting PABX lines to "hold";

·         Maintaining two conversations simultaneously with switching between calls by pressing a button;

·         Changing an incoming or outgoing call to another subscriber ("transit");

·         Callback to busy subscriber (service for notification on termination of conversation by busy subscriber);

·         Management of conference;

·         Indication of name and number of the calling and called party;

·         Redial of the last numbers;

·         "Director - Secretary" function.