General Description


As a digital alternative to the existing systems for manual operation at the departmental and corporate communication networks using immediate, custom and semi-automated systems for conversations, company "Informtekhnika" developed a special software and hardware system "MiniCom DX-500 RMTS".




"MiniCom DX-500 RMTS" is intended to replace the existing type of long-distance switches like ISU, M-60, M-262, etc. It solves the problem of automating the process of customer service, transfer of all necessary information to electronic media, integration of modern systems of subscriber calculations and statistical records. Implementation of "MiniCom DX-500 RMTS" will allow operators to increase productivity, provide subscribers with additional types of services, optimally load communication channels.




Powerful interactive reference and operating system combined with a wide range of additional features allows to serve customers of any network (including IP-telephony) as direct subscribers of "MiniCom DX-500 RMTS".


The list of supported types of signaling and trunks allows to use "MiniCom DX-500 RMTS" in almost any department and to build networks of any complexity and capacity. "MiniCom DX-500 RMTS" supports PCM paths, ISDN digital subscriber lines, analog four-wire lines of voice frequency (VF), a specialized line of selective communication, three-wire connection lines (CL), six- and eight-wire CLs on dedicated communications networks and enables interoperability with all types of existing stations and nodes of local, intrazone and intercity telephone networks.


Hardware-software system "MiniCom DX-500 RMTS" has a modular design that allows the flexibility to increase system capacity.


System Structure


"MiniCom DX-500 RMTS" is a hardware-software system, consisting of:


·         switching equipment - PABX "MiniCom DX-500";

·         server;

·         operator (administrator) workplaces (WP) on the basis of a PC;

·         subscriber units with telephone headset.


Server, system operator (administrator) workplaces are connected to a local area network (LAN).




"MiniCom DX-500 RMTS" supports up to 16 workstations, each of which can be configured as a workstation of senior operator, recording board operator, operator. The system architecture provides the flexibility to distribute the trunks on the operator's workstations.


Functions of the operator workstation


The whole process of establishing a connection is visually controlled by the operator on the screen of the workstation from which the following is provided:


·         automatic dialing of telephone numbers of the calling and the called;

·         separate conversation of an operator with a subscribers;

·         conversation of an operator with both subscribers at the same time;

·         connection between subscriber units;

·         quality control of subscriber conversation hearing (not more than 5 seconds);

·         repeated call to a subscriber in case of "cancel";

·         recording the duration of connection;

·         connection termination at any stage;

·         retention of the established connection at the operator's workstation;

·         connection of an operator to a held connection;

·         display of line-level signals:

-         "Busy" (local, long distance / international calls, corporate paths and channels)

-         "Idle"

-         "Reply",

-         "Cancel",

-         "Termination" in cancelling the caller.




When ordering there is input and record of the following data:


·         Name of direction or telephone network;

·         Name of called point – city code (to call a subscriber of long distance telephone network);

·         Name of organization, department, office;

·         Name of subscriber;

·         Telephone numbers of subscriber (up to 5 phone numbers per subscriber);

·         Ordered additional services.


When ordering, it is possible to take orders for due time, given the priority of the call and ordered additional services.


Order form


Call distribution and order forms between WS is automatic. According to the information of an incoming call from direct (local) subscribers it automatically specifies a phone number and the caller's name. When receiving a call from the channel it indicates the name of the channel (direction).


In case of a call from a telephone system of automatic link it indicates the caller's number, name of the city in long-distance calls, when the caller's PABX is equipped with the Automatic Number Identification (ANI).


Technical specifications


Types of connected subscriber units


Telephone units (TU) with pulse and tone dialing; TU without dialer (CB); communication console subscriber units ("Skala", "Brig", "Pskov" and other two-wire digital TU 2B+D; TU with local battery (MB type TA-57).

Supported signaling

Analog trunk:


4-wire (VF)

- Outgoing trunk / CLR trunk with pulse dial

- Incoming trunk with pulse dial

- Outgoing trunk / CLR trunk with IBSC dial

- Incoming trunk with IBSC dial

- Incoming TCL with pulse dial

- Incoming TCL with IBSC dial

- 2600 two-way

- 2100 two-way

- 600 two-way

- 600 + 750 two-way  - ETCA




- Outgoing trunk / CLR trunk with pulse dial

- Incoming trunk with pulse dial

6-, 8-wire (E&M)

- With immediate confirmation

- No Wink with "response" signal

- Wink with "response" signal

- No Wink and no "response" signal

6-wire DTL

-1 ICS (inductive code)

-1 ICS (code "Mink")

Digital trunk

- Signaling system SS7

- 2 ICS with pulse dial

- 2 ICS with IBSC dial

- 2 ICS ICL with pulse dial

- 2 ICS ICL with IBSC dial

- REL. 2 ICS with pulse dial

- REL. 1 ICS with pulse dial

- EDSS1, E1 interface

- Q-SIG, So interface

- E&M

- R2

Max. number of operator workstations


16 per a cabinet with the capacity of 512 ports

Max. distance from the station


no more than 300 meters to operator workstation (providing LAN at a workstation and E1 from the station cabinet to the server)

Resistance of subscriber loop


3.5 kOhm (in SL Upoe of 50V) with a telephone unit

Max. load:


no more than 300 meters to operator workstation (providing LAN at a workstation and E1 from the station cabinet to the server)

Power supply


48V + 10%

Power consumed per 1 port


Not more than 1.2 W

Equipment placement (rack, cabinet)

19” “Evromekanika”

Russian interface


Climatic parameters


service: 10°C to 35°C

service limit: 1°C to 40°C

Relative humidity

60% for 20°C

80% for 25°C

Certificate of conformity

No. OS-2-M-0023