One of the components of modern administrative switching station, providing users with various phone services, is a multi-functional digital board. Experts know that quite often there are situations when the location of the board is removed from the PABX to more than one kilometer; it is not possible to connect a digital telephone station to use a standard ISDN-protocol - S/T, Upo and the like. The use of traditional analog interfaces, making it possible to increase the distance from the board to the PABX, no longer meets modern requirements and trends of development of communication systems. Kit for remote access to digital communication boards, developed by the Group of Companies "INFORMTEKHNIKA", allows, using the full-featured ISDN-interface Upn, to increase the distance between the PABX and the digital board up to 6-8 kilometers.


The kit also provides a solution of other important tasks. For example, connecting to a line of additional executive and indicative devices, computers, sensors and other process and telecommunication equipment. Using proven methods of signaling and protocol of guaranteed delivery of signaling information LAPD provides high reliability and quality of communications necessary for modern communications and data transmission.


Technical Specifications:


·         IC power supply - from the line of Upn station;

·         AC power supply - from 220V, 0.1A with integrated UPS;

·         Operating time on battery - 6 hours;

·         Distance for cable diameter 0.5 mm - 6 km;

·         Distance for cable diameter 0.8 mm - 8 km;

·         Type of board-station interface - Upn;

·         Type of line signal - 2B1Q.