Purposes and functions

 In a variety of industries where production is related to the presence of corrosive chemicals, dust, strong acoustic noise, electromagnetic interference, command and paging system (CPS) and two-way loudspeaker (TLC) systems are widely used that are an extension of the operational telephone communication (OTC) of enterprises. GC "Informtekhnika" has developed a system of CPS and TLC based on telecommunications platform "MiniCom DX-500".

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Operational telephony system

 PABX "MiniCom DX-500" performs switching of speech path via digital switching network and provides switching of the following types of external connections:

  TLC lines to specialized communication terminals (including to ULC);

·         two-wire physical lines of the central battery system;

·         two-wire physical lines of the local battery system;

·         two-wire connection lines of the system included in the analog subscriber systems of counter PBX;

·         trunks to broadcasting amplifier to establish one-way CPS to control the feeder of cable broadcasting;

·         two-wire connection lines to the speech registration unit (recorder), individually from each service console on a separate input of speech recorder.

·         lines to be connected to the control interface of electric long-distance automatic link equipment (ETCA);

·         digital trunk lines (signaling protocols CAS, DSS1, etc.);

·         6 or 8-wire connecting lines to connect the equipment of command and paging system (CPS).

 Controller board of CPS and TLC systems performs the following functions:

 transfer of commands from CB via built-in or external microphone;

·         circular transfer of commands to staff group;

·         equipment for CPS and TLC systems provides remote switching of notification means (speakers), circularly notifies operation staff and officers, employees of enterprises, institutions, military units in emergency situations.

·         continuous self-control and messaging to the operator of PABX "MiniCom DX-500" to determine the location of faults and their elimination;

·         visual indication on the controller operational communication board (CB) on the current: day, month, year, time in hours and minutes;

·         issuance of a speech signal to the recording system during the transmission of commands from any CB;

 PABX "MiniCom DX-500" provides a connection:

  Two-wire, for digital CB;

·         Two-wire, to connect the feeder of horn loudspeakers;

·         Two-wire for connection to the digital ports of main registration stations during conversational connection with any CB;

·         Two-wire for connection to the analog ports on the reserve registration stations during conversational connection with any CB;

·         Two-wire for external 2-wire line sets connected to CTC system.

Command and paging system (CPS)

 Command and paging system is designed to find employees on the territory of an enterprise, to command, to notify staff in case of accidents, to broadcast various voice messages, etc. In addition to voice messages of a controller the system allows to program nominal keys on the operational communications board for the transmission of pre-recorded standard commands or signals (sirens, gongs etc.). Messages can be sent to one speaker, to a group or to several groups or to all speakers simultaneously. The main elements of the system are:

  PABX "MiniCom DX-500";

·         Operational communication boards;

·         Analog phones;

·         Amplifying equipment;

·         Horn and wall speakers.


 For the public notification the command-and-paging system used all-weather (if necessary, explosion-proof) horn-type loudspeakers. They develop high sound pressure at high efficiency; have a wide band of response frequency and optimal radiation pattern. Structurally, the loudspeakers may be protected by metal and coal dust, have a wide range of operating temperatures.

 The composition and type of loudspeakers, amplifying equipment depends on the conditions of the project and solved production problems.

 Two-way loudspeaker communication (TLC) system

 Two-way loudspeaker system in PABX "MiniCom DX-500" provides organization of a high-quality two-way loudspeaker communication system for power utilities, nuclear power, railways, oil and gas companies, metallurgical and chemical industries, as well as other industrial plants.


The main elements of the system are:

 switching equipment - PABX "MiniCom DX-500";

·         operational communications boards;

·         analog phones;

·         amplifying equipment;

·         two-way loudspeaker units.

 TLC provides the following types of communication:

 direct two-way loudspeaker communication from any "MiniCom DX-500" workstation with any connected two-way loudspeaker terminals LCU-1 (board-LCU-1, TU-LCU-1, LCU-1-LCU-1);

·         circular connection with the pre-selected groups of LCU-1 terminals;

·         circular connection with all LCU-1 terminals;

·         selective circular, i.e. arbitrary needed in the current moment;

·         organizing individual outgoing call to LCU-1 terminal;

·         organizing a group of outgoing calls to an arbitrary group of LCU-1 terminals;

·         organizing a group of circular calls to all LCU-1 terminals;

·         incoming call (s) from LCU-1 terminal (s);

·         inclusion in the conference of last call (s) if a manager (controller) is busy with call and answer a new incoming call (s);

·         automatic termination of one subscriber in an outgoing call from the other;

·         participation in connection between all types of lines included in "MiniCom DX-500";

·         organization of LCU-1 terminal in emergency mode of conversation "failure" of a manager or organization of outgoing call from LCU-1 terminal on additional (especially agreed) line;

·         cancel on a part of a manager (manager idle);

·         automatic termination of connection when no speech on LCU-1 during the predetermined period (0.5 min).

 Operational communications board can work in two modes:

  Basic mode (a board functions as a normal digital terminal ISDN. To call LCU it is necessary to switch the board mode to “TLC” by pressing "TLC" key, then you can call the intercom).

·         "TLC" mode (in this mode "TLC" key is pressed by default and the intercom call is performed by pressing one nominal LCU key). All the features and capabilities of the operational communication board are preserved in both modes.

 Two-way loudspeaker communication unit (LCU-1)

 Housing of intercom is shock-resistant, chemically resistant, antistatic, dust and waterproof. LCU-1 has been tested for use at facilities located in earthquake-prone areas. Microphone with a narrow radiation pattern and noise reduction scheme is chemically resistant, water-resistant and cold-resistant.

 Light indication

 On the front panel of LCU-1, over a key, there are two light indicators, visually connected with the "trigger" position of rotary switch handle.

 According to light indicators the behavior of LCU-1 can be determined:    

LED not lit - this line is free;

·         LED is green - LCU-1 is in conversation mode;

·         LED is red - a subscriber assigned to the given direction is busy;

·         LED flashes green - the key is pressed, the talk is performed from LCU-1;

·         LED flashes red – LCU is in notification mode, call of LCU-1.

 Additional amplifier

 If  in a noisy environment high power of received notifications is required LCU-1 can be equipped with an additional amplifier of 100 watts (supplied separately).

 Emergency light. For additional light indicator the unit is provided to connect an additional (external) light. In case of an incoming call an indication of integrated light will be duplicated to an optional external light, after the call is answered the outer and inner light are disabled.

 To solve production problems the customer has the opportunity to use TLC and CPS systems both together and separately. These systems can be mounted in a single cabinet, or in different enclosures. Modernization of CPS and TLC systems on the basis of telecommunications system "MiniCom DX-500" can be carried out in stages, as the station operates with obsolete user terminals of loudspeaker communications such as "Ryabina" or "Krapiva".